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Cape Coral

Clearwater/st pete



FT Lauderdale



St Petersburg

West Palm

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Door and Glass Services Company of Florida.  Operations in Tampa, Palm Beach, Orlando, Cape Coral, Sarasota, and Beyond

Door and Glass Services Company is built on customer service. We provide window repair, glass replacement, door glass, and many more products and services throughout Florida. Our business is to provide glass replacement services the same day, even if it means working after hours for emergency service---we stock every common type of patio door glass, window glass, storefront door glass, and other types of safety glass. Our technicians are trained for every scenario and know exactly what to do to secure buildings, windows, and doors. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide and install only top quality materials, matching replacement glass with what was original, exactly or better. Some common glass compositions that are available include the following:

Insulated Glass or Double Pane Glass
Tempered Glass
Safety Glass
Impact Glass
Window Glass
Clear Glass
Tinted Glass--including all shades and colors
Patios Door Glass
Business Glass

Please give us a call if we can help, we do enough of this type of work that we can give accurate pricing quotes for free over the phone. Most of the time glass is cut to size on site so we only need an approximate size to price repairs.



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